Your Hosts

Lissa Christie

Owner and takes care of you while you are on the island

Born in 1976, half Greek and South African, Lissa grew up on a farm in the eastern Transvaal, later moving to Cape Town where she lived until she was 18.

With a desire to experience the world Lissa then moved to London. She qualified with a fine art degree from Central Saint Martins. During and after her degree she worked with a little known charity at the time - Kids Company for over five years. She then felt inspired to create her own company with her friend called START, which runs large art workshops in underprivileged schools throughout London.

During her studies she also managed a bar, Cocomo, in Old Street for four years. In 2004, Josie Da Bank, one of the owners, asked Lissa to join her on the creative team to create a small festival called Bestival. Lissa for the next 8 years was the creative producer for Bestival and Camp Bestival.

After travelling for six months from Cairo to Cape Town in 2010-2011with her sister Claire, where she met her husband Corne. Lissa decided it was time for a change. After 17 years in London, and an opportunity to develop something extraordinary with the family island, she and her sisters decided to create a space of joy, beauty, creativity and healing so that everyone can benefit from the magic that she feels on the island.

Claire Christie

Owner and finds you great teachers and gets you to the island

Claire, sister to Lissa, also grew up in South Africa. After completing school she left for India where she worked with Mother Teresa and the Missionaries of Charity. Inspired by her time in Calcutta, Claire returned and studied General Nursing. After qualifying she specialised in sexual and reproductive health and tropical medicine.

Claire has travelled extensively as a nurse working within the humanitarian and development sector with the UN and a variety of Non-Governmental Organisations.

She gave up her career in development work and returned home from Cambodia to care for her father with cancer.

Claire worked as the Unit Manager of the Emergency Centre and Paediatric department for 5 years for one of the world's largest hospital groups in Cape Town, South Africa.

With over 17 years experience as a Registered Nurse Claire knows just how precious life is and how it can all change in a moment, so has decided to continue to create the life she wants to live. She has a soul connection to the island and is extremely excited about this journey with Lissa and Corne.

Claire manages all the behind the scenes stuff, like the sales and marketing for Silver Island Yoga.

Corne Uys

Makes sure everything works and runs smoothly

Namibian born Corne also grew up in South Africa just like the Christie sisters. Recently married to Lissa he decided to leave his African home and join his wife in building a new dream.

Growing up as a farmer's son, he has spent most of his childhood barefoot with the sun on his face and relives these fond childhood memories on this little gem in the Aegean.

Spending a great deal of his earlier professional life in various departments of the restaurant industry, Corne got tired of city life and moved on to being a tour guide, sharing the magic of the African bush with European tourists on camping safaris. This lead to nine years of managing luxury safari lodges around Namibia and Malawi before meeting Lissa. He will be more than happy to tell you what happened next in the shade of an olive tree.

Not only is Corne passionate about mother nature and all her critters and creatures but also loves cooking, especially when its done on an open fire under the stars.

Ernest Modiba

Is our Lion King and takes care of the whole island

Ernest was born in the Eastern Transvaal, South Africa in 1961 and is Swazi from the mountain Kingdom of Swaziland. He is based in Nelspruit with his wife Thandi and there four, now grown up children.

Ernest is Silver Island's most trusted and experienced care taker with over 16 years of experience. He spends 9 months of the year with us, and then 3 months with his family and friends.

With his expertise in building, he has had a hand in most of the renovations that have brought Silver Island into the 21st Century. When Ernest is not helping us with the general up keep, you will find him in the vineyard or olive groves. But on the weekends, you will most likely find him at the jetty with a fishing rod in hand.

If we ever have any doubts as to how anything works on the island, the first thing you will hear is... Ernest!?!