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    Silver - A Poem


    Held in sacred silver silence
    soulfully suspended in electric Agean blue

    Heaven stumbled upon our feet

    We tread the dusty pathways
    leading to secret spaces
    that bow
    and breathe
    a wise ancient rhythm

    A transparent endless ocean bleeds into infinity

    Burdens gently lift
    disarmed and useless

    I melt into your earth
    your breath becomes mine

    Souls sing

    Suns reverently rise

    Dancing waves of light transcend gravity

    A rushing riot of rippling rays resurrect us into a new nurturing nowness

    A fiery midday heat
    beats to the high pitch and pulse of the cicada beetle boom box bonanza
    olive branches burst with their singing sound celebration

    Through layers of laughter
    and a brief glimpse of an owl in flight
    the moon bares witness to stories
    shared and laid bare
    on a table decked with beauty
    and heart

    A feast is revealed
    always abundantly overflowing with deep deliciousness
    and delight


    Held in sacred silver silence
    soulfully suspended in electric Aegean blue

    heaven and beyond stumbled upon our feet