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    Falling in love with Solid Ground

    Silver Island I have fallen in love again with solid ground, your dirt tracks etched in my heart finding joyful moments.

    The silence holding the sound of singing cicadas and shrieks of the night owls.

    The golden light dancing through the shadows of the ancient olive leaves over shimmering waters.

    Endless nights that fill your oceans with stars of joy and innocent happiness...

    Beauty reflected above and below, a reminder to surrender, to float in that effortless presence.

    Opened and nourished under the faithful arms of the wild oak tree that turns to the light reminding us to accept all that is with transparency and trust in truth.

    Rooted firmly to enable us to come home through our difficulties and challenges to that place of wholeness and perfection moment by moment.

    A breath of wind sweeps the hot air in a heartfelt softening breeze that touches deeply and reminds us in timeless time to be gentle with ourselves...

    Silence guides us forward reminding us of the harmony and peace that lies in the heart of infinite blessings.

    Falling in love again with solid ground...

    to find the support and foundation that has been beneath our feet all along ...

    The moon reflects her sparkling rays reminding us that all is contained in the deep heart of the great knowing

    guided by grace...

    A dandelion seed is carried on winds of change to plant itself in the changeless awareness

    And I sit firmly in awe and deep gratitude that reminds me again and again

    A tear, a smile and a joyful letting go to trust the mystery, the unknown and the perfection...

    It is the place to step onto, a place on which to stand and a place from which to step gently

    Into the unknown perfection of wholeness and presence

    Thank you for allowing me the privelege to fall in love again with solid ground