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    July/August 2014

    What a wonderful place! What a happy place! I came back rejuvenated and rebalanced, ready to take on the world. There is no one reason for why the time on the island had such a prominent effect on me, everything just came together: The island is such a beautiful and peaceful place; saturated with sunshine and people’s happy memories. There is a certain magic just in walking through the woods, smelling the pine and cypress trees. But the island itself would be nothing but scenery if the hosts and teachers hadn’t taken such great care in coming up with a retreat that honours and respects the beauty of the island. The yoga and meditation sessions put me in the right frame of mind to really appreciate the surroundings I was in. Coming to Silver Island was the best decision I made this year and the time I spent on the island will have a prolonged echo in my everyday life.

    Johanna Michael