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    October 2014

    As a relative yoga rookie I was a little nervous that a retreat would mean I was going to be up to my Chakras in serious contemplation, bendy Yoginis cleansing their auras while waving their limbs at alarming angles and more tofu than I could shake a set of prayer beads at. How wrong I was. Silver Island supplied the perfect environment for massively improving my yoga, learning more about mythologies and practices, letting rip with some profound chanting (which was unexpectedly something of a highlight), meditating while gazing soulfully out to sea, growing in confidence, learning to trust others and developing faith in my abilities (thanks Karuna!). And that was just the yoga. In other news, the food was immense, the rooms a delight, the hosts incomparable, the sea my second home, and the abs-busting powers of big belly laughs second-to-none. I reached a state of utter relaxation and happiness that I had feared was beyond me. I cannot stress enough how simply marvelous Silver Island is. Quite frankly it is the cat's pajamas. Or, for the more profane, it is the shit. I couldn't recommend it enough, except wait just a moment, while I make sure to book my place for next year...! Thanks for everything xx

    Lucinda Kerr