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    July 2015

    I would recommend this retreat to anyone who is exhausted, in need of nurturing love and inspiration or for those seeking tools to change their lives for the better through the practice of yoga and healthy living. It is a retreat for anyone prepared to go with the flow with no preconceived expectations and in my opinion therefore brilliant for beginner yogis and those with some experience that want to find new approaches to their practice. To me it was a joyful experience full of surprises, gifts, treats and slow insights that unwittingly crept under my skin despite my own lofty ideas about how to practice yoga and seek enlightenment.I feel that my soul has genuinely been molded by my experience on the island. The guests I shared my retreat with were so such fun to be with and so lovely to share the island with. We spent many hours laughing and giggling. I will not forget them too because they were an integral part of my experience!

    Lisa Ward