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    May 2013

    I have enjoyed yoga retreats all over the world but Silver Island is truly special; a magical haven which transports you away from it all and immerses you in the beauty of nature.

    The Christie family have created a unique retreat place with a clear passion for preserving and sharing this dream island. From the attentive booking process, to the warm welcome on to the island the inspiring hosts Claire, Lissa and Corne go over and beyond so every aspect of the experienced is cared for with personal touches and creative flair.

    The accommodation is in beautifully restored honouring the original buildings combined with Lissa's chic artistic touch and with stunning sea views. The creativity runs through the food to with delicious, lovingly prepared Vegetarian cuisine which uses produce from the island itself. And beyond the yoga there is plenty of activities to enjoy from a sunrise kayak around the island, arts and crafts materials to get your own creative juices flowing, snorkelling in the turquoise crystal clear waters, walking through the lush fauna and spotting the islands teaming wildlife including the resident endangered seal.

    I highly recommend Silver Island, I'd go back in a heartbeat!

    Annabel Fraser