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    August 2013

    It was a week of utter bliss. The Island is incredibly beautiful, blessed with evergreen olive trees and firs, incredibly clear blue sea and the beaches all to yourself and if you don't want to walk five minutes to your own beach a hammock awaits for you to swing some idle hours by as the cicadas and crickets chorus around you lulling you into a perfectly relaxed state - and because you'd done some yoga that morning you felt you that you'd earnt it.

    The rooms are lovely and the food is fantastic, care and attention has gone into this place and everything that can be done, given the constraints of Island living, is done to make you feel welcome and relaxed and that this very special place is open to you to enjoy for the time that you are lucky enough to be there.

    A yoga holiday isn't for everyone and if you're after a break with iced cocktails and room service you may want to find another option but if you want a week-long holiday that feels like you've been away for a month and the stresses and cares of life are melted away under the warm greek sun, if you want to eat fantastic fresh food and swim in clear seas and watch the sunset every evening and then have some wine and dinner then this is for you. I'm coming back as soon as I can.

    Ian Rose