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    Yoga Teacher: Marley Vigdorth

    Clare Daniell

    Peace Yourself Together

    Fully Booked
    Fully Booked

    16th -22ndJune 2019

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    My style of yoga:

    I teach Hatha, Tantra and Ayurvedic yoga, in a simple, gentle form. Strength and stability is gathered over time and practice. Ease and a connection to self and spirit are what I am looking for. I weave daily meditation, energy healing, deep rest, yoga nidra (sleep) and svadhyaya (self study) into our practices.

    My retreat offering:

    Peace, compassion, belonging, gratitude and joy are all qualities that we would love to have. They are qualities that arise out of a mind and body that is at ease in its surroundings and conditions. Modern living often pushes us out of that ease, and it can happen that we find ourselves at the other end of the feeling spectrum, sometimes too often. Returning to ease requires a turning inwards that many of us have not had the time to access. Retreat can be the perfect opportunity to answer the call. Safe personal space gives us our own time for unravelling the illusion that we are anything other than divine in nature, anything other than love in motion. During the retreat we will meditate each morning in a guided and embodied way suitable for all experiences. We will build each of our daily practices on the yogic theory of the five bodies: body, breath, mind, intelligence and spirit. Together we will explore a deeper understanding of the body mind, of its role in our spiritual journey and its magic.

    Who would benefit from my teachings:

    Everyone who is interested in feeling good and at ease, meditating, starting a personal practice, and bringing their yoga home with them. This is about how you make it your own practice and creating the faith in yourself and your inner connections to move forward on your path. Also this really is a practice that suits all experiences, and will guide you towards a safe and sattvic (clarity centred) practice.

    What you will take home:

    A greater connection to yourselves, your light, your nature. Also an understanding of how to hear, know and feel the information your body is sharing with you. Little moments of change to bring to your daily life to reconnect you with the experience for months to come.

    My other special offerings:

    • Life coaching intake sessions - €60 per hour, with the option to continue after the retreat via Skype
    • Katerina will also be offering shiatsu therapy sessions at €80 / £63 per hour

    Why I teach yoga:

    I love life and for many years yoga has been the pathway by which I can ground that love and connect it into daily action and sharing. Since starting to teach in 2010 I've developed fascinations in the physical body, the energy pathways and the mind body connections. Yoga is such a vast topic that it enables me to dive deep into those areas of fascination while remaining connected to a core theme of personal development. I deeply believe in these practices that reconnect the incredible function of our extraordinary mind to our essential nature, and to how in our modern lives reuniting ourselves with our biology and its needs is just invaluable to our health and vitality. I am always deeply thankful for the opportunity to share these practices with others, and in awe of how effective they can be.