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    Yoga Teacher: Liz Lark

    Yvonne O'Garro

    Restful Gratitude

    Fully Booked 1
    Fully Booked

    12th - 18thSeptember 2021

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    Name of your retreat:

    Restful Gratitude

    My style of yoga:

    Restorative & Hatha Yoga plus Prānāyāma (Breathwork)

    My retreat offering:

    As September is the month that leads us into the last quarter of 2021, the retreat is an opportunity for us to pause, rest, reflect and offer gratitude for our year so far. Our mornings will start with a slow paced, alignment focused Hatha practice which will include Prānāyāma to set us up for the day ahead. The pace will allow you time to notice any subtle differences between the sides of the body and reconnect with your breath.

    Evening sessions will be our time to experience the restful practice of Restorative yoga which allows the body to truly relax. The use of props and longer held passive postures releases any tension from the body which enables the parasympathetic nervous system to kick in - relaxation mode. The stillness of the Restorative work facilitates rest which contributes to decreased stress and anxiety levels and increases your sense of wellbeing, a perfect opportunity to capture thoughts of gratitude for 2021.

    Please bring a journal to capture your thoughts/gratitude each day.

    "In rest is the sense of stopping, of giving up on what we've been doing or how we have been being. It is the sense of slowly coming home…." Excerpt from Rest by David Whyte

    Who would benefit from my teachings:

    Every unique body. My teaching style is inclusive which provides space for the individual practice that yoga is, options are invitations which you can happily decline or accept, it is your Restful Gratitude retreat. I love practicing with props that support me with my osteoarthritis of my knees, so props are another invitation. We offer gratitude to Mr Iyengar for his creation of yoga props and the Restorative practice.

    What you will take home:

    A journal that captures your gratitude for 2021 alongside Hatha/ Restorative postures that will start to form/be added to your home practice. You will return home with the knowledge of how beneficial Restorative Yoga is for the nervous system aiming to have a 10 - 20-minute practice each day that will provide a restful top up to your sense of well-being.

    My other special offerings:

    • Storytelling each evening - Free.
    • An Invitation to please bring one small item you are grateful for to share post dinner - Free
    • An Invitation to create a Vision Board for 2022 from items on island - Free
    • Private Yoga sessions - €70 per 75 mins
    • Katerina will be offering shiatsu therapy sessions at €80 per hour

    Why I teach yoga:

    I teach to share the benefits of yoga that I have been enjoying since 2006. Yoga has been with me as I have navigated life's rich tapestry. Whatever life seems to present me with, challenging and not, yoga has helped me to continue the journey and have a better connection with myself.

    I didn't plan to be a yoga teacher, I have been in Retail management and until the start of the pandemic 2020, had a 19 year HR career but soon found that part time yoga teaching was strongly pulling me away from part time HR to make it full time, I have no regrets.

    Teaching provides me with a sense of purpose; contributing towards the wellbeing of others and sharing yoga feels incredibly special to me and whilst I enjoyed both my Retail and HR careers, being a yoga teacher trumps them both.

    I hold a 350-hour Yoga Teacher Diploma and 33-hour Restorative Practices both from triyoga, London as well as 50 hours Yin & Yang Yoga Training from MoreYoga. I have also completed a weekend course with Ourmala on Trauma Informed Yoga for Diverse Communities. I have attended intensives and workshops with my own teacher, Anna Ashby as well as Dianne Bondy, Faith Hunter, Donna Farhi and Simon Low and I experienced a wonderful tour of South Indian temples in 2018 with Leila Sadeghee & Hareesh Wallis. Photo by Maria Nakhmanovich