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Abby Paterson's Silver Island Yoga Retreat Profile


Cultivating Connection: A Special Yoga and Olive Harvest Retreat


06 - 12


13 - 19


Vinyasa Flow, Restorative & Yin, Guided Meditation, Pranayama, and Self-Myofascial Release (MFR).



I believe you are your own greatest teacher. Through compassionate exploration on the mat, we will test the boundaries of effort, settle into the sweetness of ease, and create the physical conditions to inquire deeper about ourselves. We will take our meditation practice to the olive grove and witness the interdependence between ourselves and the natural world. We accept the invitation to not only discover the strength of our bodies + patterns in our thinking-mind, but also, reconnect to place, return to community, and remember who we truly are. 


After our morning practice and breakfast, we will be olive picking! You will learn all about the olive picking process, and at the end of the week we will take a trip to town to press the olives we have picked. There you will have the opportunity to see the pressing in action and learn about the process and quality of the oil produced. At the end of the week you will get to take a bottle of this unique and very special olive oil home with you - harvested by your very own hands.

*Please note that due to global warming and the changes in weather patterns, we cannot guarantee that there will be olives, and in the event that this happens, we will just focus on the yoga.


In the evenings I will be offering nidra, restorative or yin- a gentle practice after a morning of olive picking. I hope to offer the space for you to trust your strength, soften into surrender, and maybe even catch a glimmer of your vastness.



Anyone, whether you have a dedicated yoga practice or want to connect to where your food comes from, all are welcome. And anyone interested in olive harvesting.


It is a profound gift to be returning to Silver Island in this role. I have had the privilege of experiencing the magic of the island and the generosity of its caretakers as a student in 2016 and 2018. What strikes me to this day is the quiet fullness I left with - full cup, heart, and stomach! I think fondly of the deep connection created with the land and our little community, and strive to foster an environment where this kind of connection can bloom.

A deeper understanding of the olive picking process and a bottle of your very own harvested olive oil


  • ​1:1 Yoga + Mobility Sessions €80 per hour

  • Massage therapy at €120 per 90 mins 

  • Katerina will also be offering shiatsu therapy sessions at €80 per hour



​This rich practice of yoga has given me so much, and I teach to give back the gifts the practice has given to me.

And why I am so excited about this Olive harvest retreat….


There is something special about being in relationship with the plants that nourish us. I think fondly back to the year I spent working on a permaculture farm on the big island of Hawai'i and the renewed appreciation it gave me not only for food itself, but also for the hands that harvest and the people who prepare it. Everything tastes better having participated in the process! I have a soft spot for this kind of partnership with the land, and am thrilled to learn more about the olive oil process myself!

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