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Radiance, Joy, and Vitality


07 - 13


Kundalini Yoga is a powerful and dynamic modality of yoga that is very applicable to the modern world. Kundalini energy is recognized as the energy of potential and awareness that is contained in every human being. The focus of Kundalini Yoga is to raise the potential for full awareness in every individual’s life. Kundalini Yoga offers a safe and effective way to live a greater life of joy and clarity amidst all the pressures of life.

Every class begins with the Adi Mantra: Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo. This mantra opens the potential to relate to state of flowing creativity and higher consciousness. Each class involves the use of physical asana, breath work, mantra, mudra, and deep med
itation. Although the sequence of exercises in each class are different - all the exercises work to align practitioners into a state of harmony. All classes end with chanting the mantra Sat Nam which is to reaffirm your authentic self.



Emanating Radiance, Cultivating Joy, and Embracing Vitality:


In a world that brims with constant change and challenges, nurturing our inner radiance becomes a vital pursuit. This transformative retreat is an opportunity to uncover the joy that resides within, while embracing a renewed sense of vitality. 


Radiance is the inner glow that shines forth when we are in harmony with our true selves. Through a fusion of yogic practices and guided meditations, we'll delve into the depths of joy that exist naturally within us. As we connect with our inner wellspring of vitality, we'll learn to navigate life's twists and turns with renewed energy and clarity.


Embracing our radiance, cultivating joy, and fostering vitality are intertwined threads that lead to a life of fulfilment. Join us in this illuminating journey of self-discovery and transformation, where you'll learn to radiate your unique brilliance, find joy in the present moment, and embrace the vitality that propels you forward.


I teach Kundalini Yoga for all levels of experience and physical capability. Anyone that is open to personal growth and transformation would benefit from these teachings.


​By allowing time to both connect to nature and to meditate and connect deeper within - after the experience you will take home with you a deeper foundation of inner peace and awareness. I will also share practical tips, exercises, and meditations that you can bring back home with you to enrich the quality of your life.


  • Astrology Reading with Amanbir is @ €100 per hour. - An in-depth look at the inner workings of the seen and unseen forces that work in your life. A reading illuminates the way through personal challenges and to unseen opportunities. Through this clarity we can move our energy into a path that allows us to live in greater harmony with the victory of our personal life journey.

  • Esoteric Acupuncture is @ €80 per hour - Esoteric Acupuncture addresses not only the physical but the energetic/mental roots behind situations. The power of acupuncture is to harmonize and strengthen the body systems before a disease stage, but the power of Esoteric Acupuncture is to work with expanding consciousness and strengthen the root which is our Higher, Inner Spiritual Heart Center. This is a supportive treatment for those looking to support their spiritual growth and inner peace.

  • Health and Energetics Consultation & Acupuncture is @ €80 per hour. - In this consultation, Amanbir will access your personal constitution. In regards to the balance of your health and to address any imbalances. In this session, you will be given dietary, meditative, and herbal strategies to increase your personal health and vitality. Also a deeper understanding of the dynamics to consider with your health and lifestyle. Acupuncture can be used to address many diseases and the cumulative effect of treatments can help to alleviate symptoms as well as address the constitutional root behind various disorders.



I taught my first class of Kundalini Yoga in 2005 by “accident.” I was a volunteer at a yoga studio in New York City. I was able to see how powerful the yoga truly was, as everyone who attended this first class I taught was so elevated and in bliss. From that moment I decided to go deeper with taking training and continuing to teach these teachings to uplift others.

The intent of my practice is to provide the highest quality support and health care, not only ot heal but to support my clients to acknowledge their own innate ability to heal themselves and live fully.

As well as being a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher with nearly a decade of experience as a lead teachers and director of Golden Bridge Yoga trainings under the tutelage of my  mentor, Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, I am a Herbalist and New York licensed acupuncturist and massage therapist.  I hold a Master of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from the Cooper Union.


I created Authentic Harmony to celebrate, practice and teach healing as a natural yet forgotten occurrence in every human being. Dedication towards one’s health through eastern medicine is built in a core of my approach to human body, mind and soul.

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