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Jim Harrington's Silver Island Yoga Retreat Profile


Reset, recharge, & re-engage with life


11 - 17



I have practiced and taught many different styles of yoga since the late 90’s so my style draws on elements of them all. Indian style hatha from the Himalaya, Ashtanga Vinyasa from south India, Chinese Toaist yoga and modern hybrid forms like Budokon Yoga which is influenced by martial arts. 


In my work with athletes I have learned to adapt everything according to the needs of the individual so I guess the style depends on who I am teaching it to. But I do enjoy a moving meditation type flow of pretty ‘strong’ yoga followed by sitting pranayama and deep relaxation. 


You can expect the mornings to be a stimulating energising practice and the evenings will be a much slower yin style.



Yoga is an ancient traditional technology for ‘bio-hacking ‘ our system on a mental, emotional, and physiological level. While our surroundings and lifestyle has changed since ancient times, the basic physiological programs of our nervous system have stayed the same.  It is my mission in life to understand the ancient wisdom of the ancient visionaries and to apply it to the modern world so that we may live with greater clarity, joy and love for life.


Anybody with curiosity and everybody who thinks that life could be better than it is. 


Besides a beautiful memory of yoga sea and sky on this magical island there will be some practical tools to learn. It is an incredibly worthwhile skill to know how to just ‘chill’. We will work with all aspects of yoga world, including flowing dynamic movement, held postures, breathwork, and deep relaxation. 


By regular practice of this ‘chill skill’, the ability to deeply relax, is the basis for the yoga tradition’s next level of practice. The deeper level is the skill which is to  explore the mind through meditation. 


In the modern world of overstimulation and pressure that many of us live in, relaxing, chilling and stilling doesn’t come naturally so it needs to be accessed by the technology of yoga. Yoga technology can be seen as tools to access aspects of physiology in particular our autonomic nervous system and endocrine systems which are directly involved and interconnected with our mental and emotional lives. To be still and to relax are important life skills that the traditional yoga masters taught. 


We will also explore and discuss ways that the ancient wisdom of the yoga tradition can be applied and used in everyday life. I encourage people to do more than just take a temporary escape in the retreat but also to prepare in a positive way for the ‘re-engagement’ with their life in a positive and proactive way. This in a sense, makes it more than a great holiday. It can be a ‘strategic retreat’ holiday that involves learning and growing and preparing to come back with vigour.



  • Therapeutic application for ailments and specific applications for sports performance are my speciality. I have been working as a physical therapist for more than 20 years and have worked with the Indian National Cricket team and other top professional athletes. €120 per 1,5 hours

  • I would like to offer personalised specific sessions in addition to the morning and evening classes. These may be guidance in using yoga as therapy or just to those aspects of yoga that they feel could improve. This could be anything from learning how to sleep better to how to balance on the hands or head.  I am happy to help and guide. €120 per 1,5 hours 

  • Katerina will also be offering shiatsu therapy sessions at €80 per hour



I teach because I love it. I love to share the joy and the energy that arises through yoga in groups and with individuals. I think that yoga is the ultimate self-therapy, maintenance and biohacking technology for us to become the best that we can be. Sharing it comes naturally and I have been doing it for so long that I don’t know what life would be like without it. It’s what I do.

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