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Lara Roux's Silver Island Yoga Retreat Profile


The Colours of life. A Chakra Inspired Retreat


19 - 25

May / June

26 - 01


During my 12 years of teaching and 20+ years of being a yoga student, I have been inspired by and studied a variety of movements and forms of the Asana practice. The practice of Iyengar stands out however as a great love of mine and though I am trained in the Vinyasa and Forrest disciplines of yoga, you will see that the Iyengar alignment based practice is woven into the framework of every class I teach.


I have a creative style of sequencing, which is perfect for the yogi who wishes to explore their strengths and who is unafraid to accept the challenge of long holds or dynamic core work.  I always bring an essence of playfulness into my classes for this very reason, as I believe that the gift of yoga is one to be explored with as much integrity as possible as well as with a generous dose of curiosity, much like that of a child. Less serious, more wonder!



These 7 days of practice and play will be guided & inspired by our chakra system in the body. The 7 Chakras are a beautiful rainbow of subtle energy centres found in our bodies that affect our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. For many of us, these centres are unbalanced or blocked and when one starts to work with the Chakras, we tend to invigorate and ignite energy within, as well as start the journey to feeling balanced, restored and rejuvenated in both our emotional & physical states. 


Each day of the retreat will be dedicated to one of the Chakras and we will start each morning with a short guided meditation, using a mantra that resonates with the area as well as a sound activation that will help you connect internally to the space we are exploring and opening.   We will practice various types of Pranayama aligned to this intention and this will be followed by a 90 minute asana practice that has been sequenced specifically for each chakra and its elements.  


Our evening sessions will start with a further description of that day’s Chakra and  what one experiences when the Chakra we are exploring is in or out of balance.  I will give simple techniques that you can bring into your daily lives to keep each of these wheels of life at optimum. Depending on which Chakra we are exploring I will then teach a gentle yin, restorative or nidra practice of 40 - 60 minutes often with pranayama techniques incorporated too



Students who want to explore the practice further than just a basic asana class & those who enjoy being challenged on their mats. It is ideal for yogi’s who desire to learn more about yoga & its vast tree of systems & methods. 

And perfect for anyone who doesn't take themselves or life too seriously thus deeply benefiting  from this week of play and exploration in a glorious and soul nurturing setting.


  • An inmost understanding of the Chakra system and the benefits of working the subtle & emotional body through the physical practice.

  • We will explore both Vinyasa and Forrest Yoga practices which may be a new modality for you to move within.

  • A week filled with good people, great food, incredible setting and of course the healing blue waters, this along with playful yet grounding yoga practices daily will make memories that will last a lifetime.


  • I offer one on one, 60 minute private sessions for anyone wanting to explore specific Asana or further alignment in their individual practice at €75 per hour

  • Katerina will also be offering shiatsu therapy sessions at €80 per hour



Inspired by my grandmother to start the practice in my 20’s, I never dreamt it would become the pillar of strength and purpose in my life. Asana and the yogic principles have helped me enormously across the last 20+ years, grounding my Vata energy, helping me deal with trauma through its healing practices and methodology, the quiet practice of meditation and the abundant & dynamic essence of asana all brought me to the place of discovery that is now both my great joy and what often feels like my soul’s purpose - teaching & sharing yoga. 

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