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Lisa Wright's Silver Island Yoga Retreat Profile


Simplicity in Practise


23 - 29

June / July

30 - 06

Lisa is also our teacher on our yoga safari retreat in the Okavango Delta, Botswana 


Ishta Mala yoga is a simple sequence to suit your individual needs whatever level  of yoga you practice. These sequences can be easily memorised and  developed into a daily home practice. The physical practice emphasizes the inherent synchronicity between movement, breath and inner focus. We cultivate sensitivity by exploring the vayus (the internal winds) We move deeper into silence using pranayama (breathing exercises), explore restorative yoga, incorporate hip opening sequences and then delve into yoga nidra (yogic sleep). All these practices will help you  discover how yoga practice and breath are tools we can easily incorporate into our everyday life. 



My intention is to share the yogic tools of asana (posture) and philosophy to help us liberate the mind and body from all that is hiding or hindering the expression of our true selves. I intend to help develop your understanding of all eight limbs of yoga by sharing, listening and supporting each other while reflecting on lessons we can learn through the ancient wisdom of yoga. Daily classes will include simple, gentle yoga sequences and introduce you to pranayama (breath work) meditation, reminding you of your connection to the effortless flow of breath, life and happiness. The yoga sequences will also incorporate some Pilates techniques which  are aimed at dynamically strengthening your core. Focussing on heart opening sequences will help remind us that yoga is from a tradition of love and it is at the heart where spirit and our true nature meet. 


Evenings will include yoga nidra, guided meditation, gentle breathing and satsang (group discussions) The practice of yoga nidra enables one to receive intuition from the unconscious mind. This state is the fountain of artistic and poetic inspiration whereby one’s true nature and integrity manifest.


People of all ages will be able to easily undertake this simple, gentle practice which are intended to benefit both beginners and those with a regular practice. I will give you the tools to create a gentle daily sequence, which can be adapted to suit your physical ability and lifestyle needs.


​You will feel relaxed, rejuvenated and well rested. Discover how nature, yoga, breath and balance serve to help access and uncover inner peace and stillness which is there as yourself effortlessly. A deepening of your existing practice and a simple, balanced, nurturing home yoga, pranayama and meditation sequence that is adaptable to time constraints and daily life enabling you to connect and flow from the heart to your full potential


  • Thai Massage €80 per hour 

  • Therapeutic Healing €80 per hour

  • Thai partner work if the entire group is open to learning basic head neck and shoulder releases as an evening session.

  • A Group Yantra or Nature Mandala using what's available.

  • Katerina will also be offering shiatsu therapy sessions at €80 per hour



Yoga has been a great blessing in my life. After using both yoga and Pilates to rehabilitate an old knee injury I was able to dance again after many years. Yoga has not only helped heal the injury, but helped me discover a far deeper meaning to life. It is not only a practice I do, but a way of life. The life changing shifts and journey have been so subtle yet life-altering and profound in the most positive way. Yoga has been such a great gift to me and it was this precious gift which initially inspired me to teach and share the ‘gift that keeps giving’. I hope that at the end of the retreat you will leave with a greater understanding of self and sense of contentment and  happiness that will travel with you wherever you go.  

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