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Lavelia products made for Silver Island Yoga in Greece
Norman Figs packed and ready for distribution, used by us on Silver Island Yoga Greece
The nutlers nut butter that we use on retreats
Bee keeping at Aldano Trikeri
Mara, our friend and founder of Norman Figs.
Our eco-friendly yoga equipment supplied to our guests at Silver Ilsand Yoga.

"A true community is not just about being geographically close to someone

or part of the same social web network.

It's about feeling connected and responsible for what happens.

Humanity is our ultimate community, and everyone plays a crucial role."

 Yehuda Berg

We believe in fostering meaningful, lasting connections with those around us and those who touch our hearts. Being part of a community that becomes an extended family

SIY Ground Crew Icon

Our ground crew


Angelaki Oreoi Supermarket - Vasillis, Liana & their son Aggelos. Our guests are brought safely to the island by Vagellis who is the only water taxi owner in our area. George collects and delivers all our supplies to the island and the occasional late arriving guest. Our young, arty, dynamic plumber and friend, Panayoti and our electrician Tasos our local taxi driver with his brand new taxi, Vangelis the fisherman who comes to our rescue when seas are too rough for us to cross or when we have heavy loads of materials for our building projects, which George at the hardware store makes sure are delivered to the port on time. 

SIY Lavelia Logo



Our complimentary toiletries made especially for us by one of our previous guests, the gorgeous and talented Anna Tsourapa, based in Volos. Her product Lavelia is a complete line of face and body care, made from natural and pure ingredients, based on herbs and essential oils, which have moisturizing, healing, tonic, antioxidant and antiseptic properties and can be purchased at our Friday Market Day. The toiletries were created to reflect the scents of the island. Here is the link to her facebook page and products

The Nutlers Logo

The Nutlers


We love the Nutlers, and use their products on the island, in our delicious food creations!  They are a Greek Family run company whose journey began in their home-kitchen while DIYin nut butters! And they made it, literally, after many spoonfuls of tastings, many laughs and way too many broken blenders! They are optimistic wanderers who live and work between Athens and Volos. They offer whole, unprocessed nuts and nut-based products with respect to the environment along the way.

SIY Aladano Logo



Just across the way in Trikeri, N. Pilion, is were our incredibly delicious organic honey and other honey products such as propolis, pollen as well as organic balsam oil are produced, by the very passionate and knowledgeable Aris Sarrigiannis 

SIY Village Dogs Logo

Village Dogs


One of our guests, Mirjam Nash with a group of friends has been supporting Gogo in Oreoi to take care of all the dogs as sadly many of them are abandoned here after the holiday season. Gogo, Dila, Elena and Silvia have built a little shelter Called Artemis and are currently caring for over 50 dogs. All our animals rescue animals and we have a little fund on the island. If you would like to get involved or adopt a dog, you can email Mirjam

SIY Sectum Eye Logo

Our very own Greek God!


Vangelis Chalkias has been our guide, mentor and dear friend from the beginning of this journey with the island. He has the biggest heart and best ideas, and gets even the seemingly impossible done. With everything that we have achieved, it is because Vangelis was there supporting and ensuring it happened. We could not have done it without him. 

SIY Future Energy Logo

Future Energy Environmental Co.


Vangelis and his brother Dimitris Chalkias are the lights behind our solar system on the island. They run Future Energy Environmental Co. so if you need a Solar System set up, look no further.

SIY Agoy logo



All our yoga mats, yoga towels, blocks and straps come from Agoy. Agoy started in London with a love of yoga and a belief that yoga is for everyone. Agoy takes great pride in producing products that are evaluated by visual appearance, performance and by the way they effect the environment. It is only when they have passed these tests that they know they have produced something that works, and they definitely work for us, we love them! 

SIY Norman Figs Logo

Norman Figs


Maro with her children Alexis and Katerina, are the sustainable farmers of the finest organic sun-dried figs that we supply and sell on the island, based in Taxiarchis. They have stayed true to the traditional Smyrna fig production method from pre-industrial times which means that each fig is picked, selected and cleaned by hand to ensure that it meets their high standards. Maro was recently recognized by Greenpeace for her pioneering work and commitment to organic farming. 

Coco Matt logo



Our complimentary kiriaki slippers which are made from 100% cotton and have soles made from the fiber trimmings from their mattresses, so nothing goes to waste. The coco fiber soles are also waterproof so protect your feet from wet surfaces. Slippers are packaged in a lovely reusable cotton bag. They are based in Athens and have many more fabulous products and a hotel!

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