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Harnessing the suns energy using solar panels

Silver Island Yoga is completely off grid! We pride ourselves in offering our guests a complete eco-friendly yoga retreat experience. Being a private island, we have no access to mains water or electricity, so we use solar power to harness the sun's energy to light up the island and heat our water, which is collected and filtered from the winter’s rainfall.


We are passionate about the environment and implement the following environmental best practices:

  • Our guests are provided with a complimentary eco-friendly water bottle made from ​​stainless steel with a bamboo lid, so guests can refill their bottle as required.

  • Complimentary cotton tote bag, which can be taken home and used instead of plastic bags.

  • Complimentary cotton COCO-MAT slippers made with coconut fiber cut-offs from the mattresses they produce...and they are biodegradable. This way nothing goes to waste.

  • Our rooms have 100% cotton bedding, towels, beach wraps as well as hypoallergenic pillows.

  • During the week the towels and sheets are not changed, only on request, to save water.

  • We do our own laundry on the island, using solar power to run the machines, we only use natural products and the waste water waters our olive groves.

  • We only use  eco-friendly cleaning products with essential oils.

  • Our toiletries are locally made by a Greek chemist who came to us as a guest. They are natural and biodegradable and have been created especially for us inspired by the smells of the island.

  • We purchase our toiletries in bulk and decant into our dispensers, so there are no individually packaged items, which reduces plastic waste.

  • We also offer complimentary natural non-toxic insect repellent.

  • All our lighting is energy-efficient and run off solar power.

  • We serve organic and local-grown, locally sourced food, whenever possible.

  • All our waste is recycled and our wet waste is composted.

  • The paint we use for the buildings is eco-friendly and non-toxic and we use the traditional white wash for the outside of our buildings.

  • We love to up-cycle.

  • We are a working olive farm which is 100% organic.

  • We don't have WiFi and encourage our guest to embrace a digital detox while with us.

  • We encourage a non-smoking environment but have a designated area for those who do smoke.

  • And we support our local community's development by sourcing as much a we can locally.

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