Silver Island is a privately owned, untouched dream island offering you the most unique eco yoga experience.

Situated a few miles from the mainland, Silver Island has been the home of the Christie family for 60 years and has opened its doors and sublime tranquility to those in search of a sense of inner peace and an escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Silver Island is 60 acres of gently rolling hills, small idyllic coves, ancient old olive groves, cypress trees and wildflowers, the rhythmic sound of cicadas all surrounded by the crystal blue Mediterranean with glorious views every way you turn.

Comprised of a couple of white washed and blue shuttered traditional Greek homes, a church and lighthouse. Silver Island lends itself to a peaceful and rejuvenating experience. This is truly a magical place to practice the art and joy of yoga. A place you can unwind and merge with nature and self.

Silver Island Yoga is a small and exclusive retreat accommodating up to 11 guests in six beautifully decorated and inviting rooms. During the day the pebbled beaches, hidden coves and miles of pathways offer a chance for guests to spend time alone in quiet reflection between the two hour dawn and sunset yoga classes. We have invited the most beautiful of teachers whose ethos and way reflects our own.

Silver Island Yoga is completely off grid! We pride ourselves in offering our guests a complete eco-retreat experience. With no mains water or electricity we only use solar power to harness the sun's energy to light up the island and heat our water, which is collected and filtered from the winter’s rainfall. Locally produced natural and biodegradable toiletries are also provided to our guests. We have an organic olive farm, recycle all our waste and support our local communities development.

Silver island yoga is about totally getting away, magic, nature, wellness, transformation and rejuvenation. Our wish is create an experience that inspires peace, abundance, serenity and mindful living. Being off the grid also allows our guests the opportunity to have an authentic digital detox!

You are invited to join us for a truly magical, unspoiled, utterly relaxing yoga retreat and holiday of a lifetime.