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Please note that we not not take any responsibility for your travel to and from Greece, and offer this information only in support of your travel to us. It is subject to change as the situation changes and we will do our utmost to keep it updated.



Location: To find the island on Google maps, use the following text in the URL: Argironiso 34012, Greece

Our retreats run from Sunday to Saturday weekly. There is no season changes, so the first bus leaving Athens is at:

  • 8:45am arriving in Oreoi at 12:20pm


We will coordinate the pick-up time for transfer to the island with this bus. The transfer time from the harbour at Oreoi on Sunday is at 12:30 pm. The journey from Athens to the island is a direct route taking 4 hours.

You will be sent a final “travel safe” email a week  before your trip confirming the most up to date travel information.

At the end of the retreat on the Saturday, you will be returned via water taxi to Oreoi at 11:00 am to catch the 1pm bus (arriving at 5 pm) or taxi back to Athens, giving you time to enjoy the local village. We recommend flying out Sunday or flights after 7pm on Saturday.

If you need any information on PCR testing, please contact me directly.


The airport is Athens International Airport, Elefthérios Venizélos. If you are concerned about your carbon footprint, how about a train journey to Greece.



Contact to arrange a taxi from the airport to bus terminal or hotel. She will coordinate your pickup and drop off and let you know if there are other passengers, should you wish to share. The taxi cost is €48 to the bus station or central Athens and €22 to Central Athens to the Bus Station.. The bus station / Athens is 30/ 40 minutes from the airport, depending on traffic.



Bus tickets are NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE! Travel is from Athens to Oreoi. **Please note that we will arrange your return ticket to Athens whilst you are on the island with us, as this is not available online.


Booking your Bus ticket online:

  • Here is the link if you would like to book your bus ticket online 

  • The “From Station” choose Athens (first on the dropdown list)

  • “To” choose Oreoi (last on the dropdown list)

  • And then put in the date 

  • It will then take you to another page and click buy tickets (Green Button)

  • New page and then select Timetables in the heading row - next to select route.

  • Click on the 08:45 choice and continue

  • And then follow the steps from there!

  • Please print your ticket as they do not accept electronic tickets :)

If you are buying in person –here is the link to find the LIOISION BUS INTERCITY TERMINUS. Once there, go to first window on the right as you enter the ticket hall. Ask them from which platform the bus will be leaving and make your way there as there are no announcements and it leaves on time!  


For your convenience - if you are not using Athens taxi transfers, please print the directions to the bus station below and give it to the taxi driver:

ΚΤΕΛ - Αττική Λιοσίων τρεις γέφυρες, σταθμός λεωφορείων που φεύγουν για Εύβοια. 

Address: Στρατηγού Δαγκλή 26. 

Tel: 210 8311434


Just a reminder that the bus leaves at 8:45am from the  and arrives in Oreoi at about 12.20 midday.

If you are arriving the day or two before your retreat and would like to spend a few nights in the village of Oreoi, there are 3 busses to daily, which leave from Athens

From the Airport to the bus station or Central Athens it is €48 and from Central Athens to bus station is €22. 


The bus brings you directly to Oreoi, via a ferry crossing, which is very scenic and gets you into the holiday mood. The trip will look something like this:

  • Bus station to ferry crossing– 2hr 15mins.

  • At ferry crossing, you can leave your luggage on the bus, take your personal possessions and get off the bus.

  • Follow  the other people to buy your ferry ticket from the small kiosk on your right as the bus pulls in. It costs about €4

  • The bus will drive onto the ferry, but you must walk on – have your ticket ready as they will collect it.

  • Ferry crossing – 1hr. You can sit on the top of for inside the ferry, there is a small shop inside.

  • Once ferry has crossed to Evia, get off the ferry and back onto the same bus. It will wait for all the passengers.

  • The bus will arrive in Oreoi about 20mins later. You will be able to see the island on your left! You will be met by Lissa or Corne off the bus & will then have 10 mins to get any last-minute essentials or have a frappe, before boarding the water taxi to the island.



Alternative travel plans are not possible as we have set times for pick up and departure from the island. Should for whatever reason you not be able to make these times then the following options are available

  • Water taxi - all weather (€200 ) / George - weather dependent (€60)



If you would prefer to take a taxi directly to Oreoi, please contact Athens Taxi Transfers to arrange a taxi from the airport to our local village of Oreoi or email Frances: She will require your flight number, arrival time and departing city. All transfer payments to be made in cash directly to the driver. Transfer cost are as follows:

  • Airport to Oreoi - ferry - €290 including tolls, taxes and ferry boat ticket for 1 person (in case ferry boat increases we may need to add a slight supplement - will try to avoid)

  • Airport to Arkitsa & continue with local driver Edipsos - Oreoi - ferry - €275 including tolls, taxes and ferry boat ticket for 1 person

  • Airport to Oreoi - mountain  - €280 including tolls & taxes 

  • Hotel (central) to Oreoi - ferry - €275 including tolls, taxes and ferry boat ticket for 1 person (in case ferry boat increases we may need to add a slight supplement - will try to avoid)

  • Hotel (central) to Arkitsa & continue with local driver Edipsos - Oreoi - ferry - €265 including tolls, taxes and ferry boat ticket for 1 person

  • Hotel (central) to Oreoi - mountain - €265 including tolls, taxes 


Above rates are valid for transfers from 06:00 - 23:00

Night supplement will apply for transfers between 23:01 - 05:59. Night fee is as follows 

  • Airport - Athens hotel & Vice versa - €13

  • Airport - Oreoi - €60

  • Athens hotel - Oreoi - €60 


We can arrange your transfers back to Athens using the local taxi drivers and this costs €300 from Oreoi back to Athens or the Airport. This can be done whilst on the island with us.


  • Please don’t bring any self tan or P20 (specific product) to the island, sunblock is absolutely fine.

  • Please also bring whatever you need with regards to your own safety and well being.

  • We do not offer chemical insect repellents, so if you are prone to getting bitten, then please do feel free to bring some with you.

  • If you are wanting to shop at our market day or have therapeutic treatments, please remember to bring enough money with you as we do not have credit card facilities and we do not accept PayPal payments for goods bought on the island. Thank you.



Here is a link for you to check the weather so you can pack accordingly. You can scroll by month. Please try not to overpack! You can also see our Packing list and weather page.


LISSA +30 698 0442027 / CORNE +30 ‎698 335 2302 / CLAIRE +230 5 7943369


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