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    A typical day on Silver Island:

    • Starts off with a pre-yoga snack of dried fruits, nuts, coffee and or tea, of which we have many to choose from
    • Morning outdoor Yoga takes place in the shala, which is surrounded by nature with the most magnificent sea views
    • Then breakfast is serves, consisting of a delicious Greek breakfast of yogurt, fruit salad and nuts and Lissa’s scrumptious granola! Other breakfasts include Lissa's softly folded eggs and Corne's famous banana pancakes
    • Once you have filled your tummy, it is free time
    • You will hear the church bell ring, calling you to our variety of nutritious Mediterranean inspired dishes, locally sourced or grown, seasonal and prepared with love. All our meals are family style around a big table.
    • After a lazy lunch comes a lazy afternoon of utter relaxation! You can have a therapeutic treatment, beach time, a swim, explore, find a hammock or hidden cove or have a siesta under an ancient Oak or Olive tree...time to just be
    • The second yoga session is held in the late afternoon, as sun begins to set, this class is usually a slower more meditative class
    • To end of the perfect day, a dinner under the stars with the sharing of stories, lots of laughter and a glass of wine if you wish
    • Our evenings usually end off at about 10pm when beds are calling! Tucked up with a book or star gazing...sleep follows soon.

    You can participate in as many or as few of the activates as you would like. It’s your holiday, we want you to find a pace that is enjoyable for you.

    Why a yoga retreat?

    Taking the time to go on a retreat is an important practice in self-care, as retreats are a brilliant way to break free of old patterns, release limitations, let go of fear and step into the space of courage and new possibilities, inspiring your path forward. 

A retreat can invite change and renew inspiration in our lives. It gives you the gift of time, time to focus on yourself, your needs and what makes you happy, reconnecting you to your life’s purpose.

    In this day and age of busy-ness and distraction, taking time out with oneself just to notice, to restore, and to hold oneself with gentleness and kindness is the remedy and counterbalance. The practice of mindfulness, or present moment awareness is, simply put, a gift to oneself and an opportunity to reconnect with what is important.

    A retreat is often a transformative experience that gives you time to restore, strengthen and heal. If you are feeling physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually stressed or burnt out you can pretty much guarantee that you will benefit from going on a yoga retreat. You can choose to transform anything in your life, and yoga retreats provide a great environment to support you as you do this, helping you align with who you really are.

    Retreats allow you to go deeper because we leave behind the usual distractions and arrive into a space of self-reflection where we return 'home', to the very essence our true nature, which is freedom and pure joy. This can be understood by the yogic term, pratyahara.

    This is also your holiday, so you have the time to meet new people, laugh, eat yummy home grown, sun ripened seasonal foods, go for long walks in nature, swim in the crystal blue sea or just sit peacefully in the sunshine and be.

    "There is no need to be concerned about worries. Choose to just BE. Do not try to be quiet, do not make from 'being quiet' a chore to be done. Do not be concerned about being 'quiet', or unhappy about 'being happy'. Just be aware of your 'BE-ing' and remain aware - do not say 'yes, I am, and now what's next?' There is no 'next' in 'I am'. It is a state beyond time." Nisargadatta Maharaj

    A gift to self.

    Silver Island Yoga is not bound by any one particular yoga or spiritual tradition and have invited teachers who have studied many of the world’s great traditions and their teachings reflect the wisdom in all. We pride ourselves on sharing yogic teachings and mindfulness in a down to earth, fun manner inclusive of everyone’s level of experience. Our dedicated teachers are inspired and passionate about sharing their love and wisdom of yoga with everyone.

    The yoga shala is fully equipped with mats, belts, blocks, cushions and blankets and is situated between the main house and Villa with spectacular sea views. We also have a meditation platform at the top of the island, which is perfect for sunrise meditations.

    What Yoga will do for you:

    • The physical benefits: Creates a toned, flexible, and strong body. Improves respiration, fitness, stamina and endurance. Helps to maintain a balanced metabolism and improves the functioning of the internal organs. Promotes cardio and circulatory health. Relieves pain. Helps you look and feel younger than your age. Improves your energy and vitality.
    • The mental benefits: A calmer more relaxed state of mind. Reduces stress, tension and anxiety, helps you relax and handle stressful situations more easily. Teaches you how to quiet the mind so you can focus your energy where you want it to go. Encourages positive thoughts, openness, mindfulness and self-acceptance.
    • The spiritual benefits: Builds awareness of your body, your feelings, the world around you, the needs of others. Promotes interdependence between mind, body, and spirit. Helps you live the concept of "oneness."