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Honey and Sarongs for our local Market Day
Silver Island's very own organic olive oil
All natural  products made specifically for Silver Island Yoga

A highlight of holidays to the Mediterranean is a visit to the local markets. Being a private island, with the closest village on the mainland 20mins away by boat, we have a pop up market/ shop every Friday. This way you have the opportunity to take a little reminder of your time with us on Silver Island with you or buy a gift for someone you love. Our products are all used on the island, made either by us or locally by our very talented and beautiful community. Being off grid we cannot take credit card payments so please remember to bring some extra spending money / Euros for these treats.


What's available on market day

  • Honey Products from €5-€20

  • Postcards €4

  • Nut Butters €4

  • Fig products from €6

  • 100% Natural Toiletries (shampoo/ conditioner/ body wash/ face cream) that range from €10-15

  • 100% natural Suntan Lotion €15

  • Wild olive oil €30 (when available)

  • Our very own Silver Island Olive oil €25 (limited to 200 bottles when available)

  • Our Cookbook €35

  • Sarongs €25

  • Yoga blankets €30

  • You are also welcome to take as many terracotta dishes that our Greek Yogurt is delivered in, in exchange for a donation to the animal sterilization fund for the local village and surrounds.

For more information on the wonderful goodies we have in our market, and about our animal fund, please visit...

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