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    June 2015

    My time on Silver Island was exactly what it was promised to be and I had hoped it might be - therefore it was exactly what I needed. I chose the island naturally based on the stunning setting, once in a lifetime opportunity and other glowing reviews. It was almost surreal in its beauty: the tranquility, daily yoga overlooking the sea and incredible food at every meal. But the best surprise were the other guests on the island, who proved to be fun loving, like-minded and became my friends both during and beyond the retreat. Regarding the yoga journey during the week; our teacher Lisa was patient and catered to everyone's needs and ability. A personal highlight were the meditation exercises and other activities such as the luminescent algae, sunset rock and meditation platform were perfect extras. If you are looking for something wonderfully different in a beautiful place - complete with the chance to find some self-reflection and relaxation then look no further. Thank you, Silver Island is a paradise indeed!

    Alice Pinhey