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Evi's Silver Island Yoga Retreat Profile


Soul Blossoming in Nature - A Special Spring Retreat


21 - 27

April / May

28 - 04

Maria Christodoulou  - The Greek Herbalis


Hatha Vinyasa yoga.



This is a very special retreat as it will combine the healing benefits of yoga and herbal medicine…

This spring, we allow ourselves to bloom into the beauty and joy of each day in a special place in Greece; a retreat to reflect, to create space for the new (a new habit, a new perspective), to get rid of the old (an old habit, anything that doesn't serve you), to move and to breathe. 

There will be 2 classes per day from the practice that we love, our Yoga, a magical and personal exploration of your body and soul - a nourishment for the heart.

Morning classes will progress your practice day after day in a dynamic yet mindful flow of the body, being aware of the breath. We will explore together expansions also restrictions, what gives (you) space and how you can move through your practice efficiently. 


The early evening practice will have a more detailed approach on soft sequences and focus on Pranayama (breathing techniques). 


During the afternoons we will be joined by our guest workshop host - Maria Christodoulou - known as The Greek Herbalist, who will be with us for 4 days to share her extensive knowledge and passion for exploring herbal medicine from ancient to modern Greece. Each day for 2 hours we will explore different themes in relation to the island's nature and the abundance of spring flowers and will have the opportunity to be hands-on during the workshops. Below is an outline of what we will be exploring;

Day 1: Myths & Medicine Plant Walk

The plants around us are filled with fantastical ancient stories and healing medicines. Join us on a forest walk to explore the island's trees, including pine, fig, cypress, and oak, and their connection to ancient and modern Greece. We will also explore the healing presence of the island’s patron saints, Cosmos and Damien, who were venerated as Unmercenary Physicians. Our forest walk will conclude with a sacred tree meditation under the big oak tree.


Day 2: Greek Mountain Landscapes & Forest Bathing Meditation

For thousands of years, the Greek mountains inspired poets, priests, and physicians to explore the meaning of the sacred. Learn about the cultural and botanical significance of mountains in ancient and modern Greece, as well as the threats to mountain ecosystems throughout the country. A forest meditation to tune into the sights, smells, and sounds of nature will conclude the experience.


Day 3: Greek Herbs Tea Tasting & Herbal Tea Blend Workshop

As one of the most biodiverse countries in Europe, Greece is home to a variety of medicinal plants that have been used for thousands of years in food and medicine. Enjoy a Greek herbal tea-tasting and learn about the medicinal benefits of each herbal ingredient. To complement the experience, we will make our own dried herbal tea blends to bring the joy of Greece’s botanical bounty home with us.


Day 4: Plant Harvesting with Herbal Oil Infusion and Herbal Oxymel Workshop

Harvesting plants for medicine is a joyful experience. We will learn the techniques of respectful harvesting and collect medicinal plants in abundance on the island, including rock rose (Cistus) and olive leaf (Olea europaea). Then we will learn how to make an herbal oil infusion and an herbal oxymel (a vinegar-honey-herb combination), and be able to take home our own 100ml bottles of each.


Everyone and every body would benefit from the Yoga practice. We will get to discover the wholeness of the practice ~ how our body moves while it is breathing, how the mind calms from ‘its constant noise’, how our being can be more balanced and rejuvenated regardless of any previous experience. A beginner practitioner would learn, a more advanced practitioner would go deeper to oneself.

The herbal workshops are for everyone wanting to learn more about the botanical bounty of Greece and how to connect more intimately with the healing power of nature. Participants with all levels of herbal education are welcome to experience the beauty of the island and develop a heartfelt connection to the plants of Greece.

The experience will be very nourishing and fulfilling for you physically, mentally and emotionally. You will feel more open and spacious in all or some of these levels. This can potentially be slightly transforming, re-evaluating the space you create between you and different events in your life. In this space, reactions can become responses or powerful actions, tension and resistance falls away. May this week be the beginning for a new, fresh and clear perspective here and now.



Α more open space in all or some levels. A wholesome experience offered from the heart. This can potentially be slightly transforming, re-evaluating the space you create between you and different events in your life. In this space, reactions can become responses or powerful actions, tension and resistance falls away. May this week be the beginning for a new, fresh and clear perspective here and now. 




  • Sunrise meditation (optional) 

  • Deep tissue massage, €60 per hour 

  • 1:1 private yoga & alignment sessions, €60 per hour (You will get a written practice to accommodate your needs to take back home with you) 


  • Books by Maria: “The Greek Herbalist’s Guide to the Mountain” and “The Greek Herbalist’s Guide to the National Garden, Athens” at €15 each.

  • Herbal consultation with Maria, €80 per hour



I always had a deep interest in physical movement, sports and other disciplines. Very soon when I started practicing Yoga, I realized that it was more than physical. The right time came to go deeper into the practice of yoga in the UK in 2006, where I started my training with the BWY followed by the AYS in the ‘Art of individual teaching‘ within the viniyoga tradition. Since then it has been a great journey with many influences and inspiration such as Ashtanga yoga, Vinyasa Krama with Srivatsa Ramaswami etc. Yoga as philosophy and discipline has become my support, my anchor, a practice that I could go back to, something that makes me feel more balanced in every aspect of my life. 


Plants have the power to support our mental, emotional, and physical well-being. I was inspired to become a clinical herbalist when I realized that Western medicine could not support my personal healing from a very stressful and sick time in my life. I became more and more enchanted with herbal medicine as I learned about the medicinal qualities of plants and how they can heal the body during my time in a 3-year herbal program in New York City. Since then, I have learned how to apply herbs in my daily life and how to help others become healthier. I am always delighted to share my knowledge about herbal medicine, especially the rich history of Greek herbal medicine and botanical mythology, both of which never cease to inspire me.

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