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Mindful Yoga & Meditation Retreat


12 - 18


I teach slow flow yoga, a gentle form of vinyasa yoga grounded in mindfulness that soothes the nervous system, while developing strength and flexibility. Flow Mindful Yoga brings mindfulness into movement so that you can feel at ease and connected with your body. My approach is deeply compassionate, I empower you to listen to your body and make choices that feel good. This fosters intuition, self-trust and self-compassion and makes the yoga sessions welcoming to all bodies and levels of experience. 


Flow Mindful Yoga combines vinyasa yoga and mindfulness meditation, supported by ayurveda and yogic breath-work. I am the co-founder of Flow Mindful Yoga in collaboration with Rebecca Halls and Lisa Milloy.


You are invited to one of the most beautiful places in the world to nourish your body-mind in an unforgettable yoga and meditation retreat.


My intention on this retreat is to provide a compassionate container for you to connect with your body, refresh your mind, and open your heart. The retreat is designed to help you calm a frazzled nervous system, develop kindness toward yourself and feel healthy and vibrant. You will practice daily Flow Mindful yoga,  breath-work, mindfulness meditation, while learning to be kinder and more supportive toward yourself through compassion practices that open the heart and build resilience.


Retreat is a sacred practice of unplugging, an opportunity to nourish yourself on every level and to reorientate, so that you can return to everyday life feeling energized, calm and truly restored.


With my deep awareness of the body-mind you are in good hands. I have spent a lifetime studying yoga, meditation and personal development, and bring my cumulative wisdom to offer you a deeply supportive retreat experience.


Morning  Practice:

Each morning we practice daily Flow Mindful Yoga and breathwork, connecting body, breath and movement to create a truly embodied awakening ritual. Each session finishes with a guided mindfulness meditation to leave you feeling calm and present.


Evening Practice: 

Our evening ritual will include restorative yin inspired yoga practices, slow Flow Mindful yoga sequences and meditation practices that leave you feeling restful and restored. We will close each session with transformative compassion practices which will help you become kinder to yourself and more resilient to life's challenges.


This retreat is perfect for busy city folk who long to unplug from the grind and want to feel calm, vibrant and resilient. This is a chance to take mindful pause, to reconnect with nature, while practicing daily yoga and mindfulness meditation. All levels of experience are welcome from beginner to advanced, classes are calm, inclusive and kind.



You will feel calm, restored and kinder to yourself.

  • You will feel calm and vibrant

  • You will be a little bit kinder towards yourself

  • A restored nervous system 

  • A new love of mindfulness meditation

  • A renewed sense of clarity and purpose

  • Meaningful self-care tools for life



  • Life Coaching Sessions €80
    Struggling to find your purpose? Feeling Stuck?  I offer life coaching sessions to help you get clear about your direction, find your purpose, get unstuck and make meaningful steps toward a life you love. 

  • Private Meditation Session €80
    Meditation can help you overcome reactive patterns and make wise choices that support your flourishing. In a 1:1 session you will receive expert guidance, ask all questions you need to kickstart or deepen your practice.

  • Katerina will also be offering Shiatsu therapy sessions at €80 per hour



Yoga to me is an embodiment practice that helps bring awareness and intention to how we move through our lives. I started practicing yoga over 20 years ago, and felt a deep sense of calm connection with myself from the first practice. Yoga has helped me to overcome injuries, heal-trauma and find peace and confidence in myself, that’s why I love to teach yoga, because it is a transformative practice.

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